Our Vision

About Co-EmergenceWe believe that private enterprise and cross-sectoral collaborations have a vital role to play in improving health and education in emerging markets.

Our Mission

Co-Emergence nurtures and scales up market-driven solutions to increase access to affordable, high-quality health and education services in emerging markets.

Our Model

Co-Emergence incubates the development of high-potential social innovations and provides hands-on strategic and management support from seed to scale. To leverage all relevant resources and skills, we facilitate cross-sectoral alliances, involving private companies, governments, donors, and civil society. The collaboration aims to create and sustain significant social impact for middle- and low-income populations, while generating sufficient income to be self-sustaining or profitable. We remain actively involved until the business case and social impact are proven and more traditional actors can step in. For selected projects, we also provide early seed investment through our sister organization, Co-Emergence Capital.