Co-Emergence partners with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and FHI 360 to facilitate private sector engagement in nutrition

Private sector engagement in nutrition has been gaining momentum over the past decade. Cross-sectoral collaborations have been widely promoted as key solution to scale up nutrition interventions targeting the poor. Alliances and initiatives involving the private sector have emerged (e.g. Amsterdam initiative against malnutrition (AIM), SUN business network, and New alliance for food security and nutrition). Nutrition-sensitive interventions have also become an integrated part of other private sector programs from economic development, agriculture to fostering social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Policy makers, donors, civil society, impact investors and commercial companies are however still struggling to make those alliances and partnerships operational, especially in poor-resources settings. Challenges and barriers have become apparent, including the complexity of engaging the private sector to serve low-income populations, managing alliances with many partners and diverse agendas, or measuring outcomes from private sector engagement.

Co-Emergence will review current projects and initiatives that partner with the private sector to reduce stunting in Africa and Asia,  engage stakeholders from the public and private sectors in identifying solutions and best practices and provide recommendations on the way forward.